Construction General Contractor Job Description

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Construction general contractor Job Profile and Description

A Construction general contractor is a person who works at a construction site and is responsible for hiring and organizing all the workers for a particular project or construction job.  It is the job of a construction contractor to arrange for materials, tools, equipments, machinery and obtain necessary permits for the job.  Basically, the overall management and smooth running of a construction job depends a lot on the contractor.  General contractors are employed at both small projects and large construction projects and thus in both cases, the skills and qualifications needed are almost the same. The following is a detail of the job description of a construction general contractor:

Construction general contractor Duties and Responsibilities

The following are the main job duties and responsibilities of a construction general contractor:

  • To hire labourers, workers and technicians depending upon the need and the scale of the project.
  • To buy or order materials, tools, machinery and other needed tools for the project.
  • To perform inspections from time to time and recommend any changes wherever needed.
  • To get in touch with clients and make sure that their expectations and needs are met with the project.
  • To steady the pace of the work and ensure that proper quality and safety measures are taken.
  • To direct labourers and supervise the tasks and works of all the employees.
  • To make sure that the project is finished on time.

Construction general contractor Skills and Specifications

The following are the various skills which a construction general contractor must possess:

  • High leadership qualities and managerial abilities.
  • Ability to get work done within deadlines.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and organizational abilities.
  • Good negotiating skills to deal with material sellers and machinery renters.
  • Detail oriented, focussed, hardworking and physical strength.
  • Knowledge of each aspect of construction and building.
  • Excellent supervisory skills and mathematical skills.
  • Honesty and reliability are the other important skills needed.

Construction general contractor Education and Qualification

Given below are the main and important education and other qualification requirements:

  • A high school diploma or certificate is mostly the only qualification needed.
  • Most contractors start of as carpenters, labourers or other technicians and then move on to this role.
  • In some cases, a certain license in construction science may be required.

Construction general contractor Salary

A construction general contractor can expect to earn an annual salary of $58860 but this figure may vary depending on several factors like scale of project, place of employment and others.

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