Construction Logistics Coordinator Job Description

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Construction Logistics Coordinator Job Profile and Description

A construction logistics coordinator is an individual who is responsible for planning as well as initialization of all field activities related to construction. They have to ensure cleanup of construction site and also plan surveys and logistics. It is the duty of a construction logistics coordinator to provide cot estimates in detail for the purpose of budgeting. They also have to review the work of a field supervisor. A construction logistics coordinator has to ensure that all the activities taking place at the construction site are in compliance with the rules and regulations and the policies of the construction company. They have to review and approve all the expenditures for a construction project. They also have to come up with strategies for disposal of waste. They are also responsible for checking that projects are carried out efficiently.

Construction Logistics Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

The various duties and responsibilities of an individual working in the position of a construction logistics coordinator are:

  • Planning all field activities related to survey and logistics of a construction site
  • Overseeing the activities and mentoring a field supervisor and also reviewing his work
  • Providing cost estimates in details for the purpose of budgeting
  • Ensuring that all activities are in compliance with company policies
  • Approving and reviewing all the expenditures required to be made
  • Implementing strategies for disposal of waste
  • Ensuring that all construction projects are carried put efficiently
  • Providing topography assessment in order to ensure that well developed planning is possible
  • Providing daily cooperation to all field activities and all business units
  • Maximizing efficiency in order to ensure cleanup activities
  • Ensuring that projects are carried out orderly
  • Reporting to construction logistics manager

Construction Logistics Coordinator Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications required to work as a construction logistics coordinator are as follows:

  • Must be very organized in nature
  • Needs to be a good team player
  • Should have the ability to develop strategies
  • Must have good inter personal skills

Construction Logistics Coordinator Education and Qualification

The various education requirements and qualifications required to work as a construction logistics coordinator are as follows:

  • Post secondary education is must
  • Diploma, bachelors of post graduation in the field of construction
  • Prior work experience in the construction field

Construction Logistics Coordinator Salary

The average annual salary of a construction logistics coordinator is around $50000.

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