Construction Project Assistant Job Description

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Construction Project Assistant Job Profile and Description

A construction project assistant is an individual who works in coordination with the team members of a construction project in order to ensure that the construction project is finished in time. They have to develop and maintain schedule of a detailed project and also perform various administrative tasks. They have to coordinate meetings, make arrangements for traveling and prepare expense reports. A construction project assistant may also have to sometimes prepare the minutes of the meetings and prepare presentations. The civil engineer carries out planning and designing activities in a construction project with the assistance of a construction project assistant. It is necessary for a construction project assistant to follow instructions accurately. They should also have good communication skills as they have to give instruction to the workers. A construction project assistant needs to have knowledge in both industrial as well as general construction projects.

Construction Project Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

The various duties and responsibilities required to be carried out by a construction project assistant are as follows:

  • Ensuring that a construction project is finished on time
  • Assisting the civil engineer in carrying out planning and designing process in a construction process
  • Maintaining a detailed schedule of the project as well as administrative tasks
  • Maintaining the work calendar of the project manager
  • Taking instructions of the project manager and implanting them effectively
  • Taking part in team meetings of the research and development department
  • Preparing presentations for important meetings
  • Placing purchase orders as per the need of the engineer
  • Identifying the changes required in a construction project and informing the seniors about the changes

Construction Project Assistant Skills and Specifications

There are certain skills and specification required in order to work as a construction project assistant. They are as follows:

  • Necessary to have effective communication skills
  • Must have the ability to give attention to detail
  • Must have basic computer skills
  • Needs to have good assistance skills
  • Should have the ability to maintain data
  • Needs to have good writing ability as they have to prepare presentations

Construction Project Assistant Education and Qualification

The educational qualification required in order to become a construction project assistant are as follows:

  • Vocational course in construction after high school
  • Bachelor’s degree in any discipline.

Construction Project Assistant Salary

The average annual salary of a construction project assistant ranges between $35000 and $84000.

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