Construction Quality Assurance Job Description

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Construction Quality Assurance Job Profile and Description

A construction quality assurance executive or a manager is an individual who assures that the quality of a construction project is maintained. They have to ensure that a construction project is finished within time and safely. It is the duty of a construction quality assurance executive or a manager to ensure that the completion of a construction project is cost effective. They have numerous responsibilities related to planning and completion of a construction site. They have to review the designs submitted and maintain project log. They also have to enforce safety measures, carry out reporting and documentation functions. An individual performing the job of quality assurance also has to ensure that the materials used for construction purpose are of good quality. They check the materials and approve them.

Construction Quality Assurance Duties and Responsibilities

There are numerous duties and responsibilities required to be carried out by an individual working in the department of construction quality assurance. They are as follows:

  • Putting emphasis on quality control of construction projects
  • Assuring that quality is maintained in a construction project
  • Ensuring that the construction site is completed safely and within deadline
  • Assuring that a construction process is cost effective
  • Attend construction related meetings and going for inspections in the field
  • Planning and giving specifications related to construction responsibilities
  • Reviewing the various construction designs submitted
  • Maintaining the project log
  • Carrying out reporting and documentation work
  • Ensuring that the materials used for the construction process are of good quality
  • Finding the root cause of a defect and finding solutions to it
  • Developing and implementing strategies in order to maintain quality

Construction Quality Assurance Skills and Specifications

In order to work in the field of construction quality assurance, the following skills and specifications are required for an individual:

  • Needs to have excellent supervisory skills
  • Must have good knowledge in estimating costs
  • Should have the ability to read blue prints
  • Good survey and inspection skills are must
  • Must possess excellent communication skills
  • Ability to identify defects

Construction Quality Assurance Education and Qualification

The education qualifications required for an individual to work in the field of construction quality assurance are as follows:

  • Bachelors degree in the field of construction
  • Prior work experience in construction field

Construction Quality Assurance Salary

The salary of candidates working in the field of construction quality assurance ranges from $27000 to $52000 per annum.

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