Construction Senior Project Manager Job Description

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Construction Senior Project Manager Job Description

If a flyover, building, or bridge or anything is to be built by a construction company, then they take the work as a project and they appoint a senior project manager to complete the task. The senior project manger has to take care of the whole task. There are several junior managers usually under the senior manager and the senior manager has to make all those junior managers work and complete the task within the deadline.

Construction Senior Project Manager Duties and Responsibilities

    • The senior project manager is a very highly responsible job.
    • The senior project manager is answerable in front of the management about the status of the project.
    • All the responsibilities of the entire project are on the shoulders of the senior project manager.
    • Another important responsibility of a project manager is to finish a project within the budget. If there is a cost overrun, then the senior project manager will be responsible for that.

Construction Senior Project Manager Skills and Specifications

  • Senior project manager needs to be a highly skillful person.
  • He or she should have idea about the entire project.
  • He or she should have a habit to complete tasks within the given time deadline.
  • He or she should have the skills to make the budget of a project.

Construction Senior Project Manager Education and Qualification

  • An engineering degree in civil discipline is a must need for a senior construction project manager post.
  • Not only the degree but along with the degree a vast knowledge and past experience is required for this post.

Construction Senior Project Manager Job Salary

  • A lot of money is there in this job, the general salary range is $4000-$10,000.

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