Cook Job Description

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Cook Job Profile and Description

cook is a person involved in the preparation of food. They are considered to have little or no influence on the customers menu and neither do they have any control over any person in the kitchen. This is only true in big restaurants where the head chef or the assistant chef makes all the decisions. But in a small café or bistro the cook does have influence on what appears on the menu.

Duties and Responsibilities

cook job duties and responsibilities include:

  • Scheduling the recipes to prepare.
  • Preparing food quickly and just as good.
  • Remembering all the multiple orders and easily assemble them to the order.
  • Able to cook in bulk and use commercial kitchen equipment.
  • Should organize the staff schedule.
  • Plan how the regular duties should be carried out.
  • Design the menu, if not under a chef.
  • Keep an inventory.
  • Store everything properly and in order.
  • Handle food as hygienically as is possible.

Skills and Specifications

A cook job skills and specifications include:

  • Knowledge of food and nutrition.
  • Knowledge in knife skills.
  • Know the proper technique in food preparation.
  • Possession of good communication skills.
  • Should be able to multitask.
  • Possess a high degree of cleanliness

Education and Qualifications

Essential qualifications include possession of a food handler’s permit and a bachelor’s degree from a culinary arts school. As an added advantage, work experience with qualified professionals puts you ahead of the rest.

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