Copywriter Job description

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Copywriter Job Profile & Description

Copywriters are a very dedicated type of writers. They prepare market oriented articles for use in for broadcasting or publications. They also write other materials to promote different products. They often work with the client to create advertising slogans and themes and may be involved in the actual advertising of the product.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Developing and presenting drafts and ideas to clients for discussion in advertising including themes and methods
  • Varying tone and language messages based on medium, target audience and product
  • Editing or rewriting existing copy as necessary and submitting copy for approval by supervisor or client
  • Writing speeches, articles, sales letters, bulletins, and other related marketing, informative and promotional material.
  • Inventing names and slogans that appear on brochures, packaging and other promotional material for products.
  • Developing advertising campaigns for clients, working with an advertising agency to determine the best method to present advertising information.

Additional Job tasks

  • Write to customers on their level to relay the advertiser’s sales message more readily and easily.
  • Spinning articles to refresh information or to be presented to a different audience

Education and Qualifications

  • A minimum High School diploma with above average on target language
  • Knowledge of the content structure and of the English/target language including the spelling of words, meaning and rules of grammar and composition
  • Knowledge of media production, dissemination and communication methods and techniques.
  • Knowledge of methods and principles and for promoting, selling and showing products or services.

Skills and specifications

Active Listening

Critical Thinking

Time Management

Effective communication and persuasion

Reading Comprehension

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