Corporate Financial Analyst Job Description

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Corporate Financial Analyst Job Profile and Description

A corporate financial analyst has to perform the task of analyzing all details of corporate finance, as encountered during the fiscal year or the entire accounting period of the corporate firm. Finance involves a major portion of corporate activities, since all processes conducted by the firm involve finance, as well as target towards earning profits in the form of finance.

Hence, it is important that the status of finance of the corporate firm be analyzed by an expert professional, and the corporate financial analyst qualifies for the same. The corporate financial analyst needs to maintain financial records of the firm as instances of transactions that have been met with through the course of business – with proper and complete description of each of the entry put in the accounting books.

Corporate Financial Analyst Duties and Responsibilities

  • The duties and responsibilities that need to be fulfilled by a corporate financial analyst include:
  • The individual must be extremely qualified in financing and related aspects, so as to be able to properly analyze the corporate financial data and documents.
  • The bank statements and several other entries in the books of the accounts, of the respective company, need to be properly understood by the corporate financial analyst – who would need to analyze the impact of every single entry into the financial document.
  • The various technicalities of finance manipulation and maintenance in a corporate firm, such as preparation of journal and ledger, trial balance, determination of assets and liabilities, debts and distribution of shares, and maintenance of financial records and the corresponding time(s) of entry – all need to be looked after and effectively managed by the corporate financial analyst.
  • The corporate financial analyst is basically responsible for analyzing the finance trends of the company as well as those of its competitors, and then providing a concluding note of action based on the acquired data and analysis of present market trends.
  • It is important for the corporate financial analyst to ensure that the analysis reports be precise and proper, so that effective actions based on the same may be taken without any confusion.

Corporate Financial Analyst Skills and Specifications

  • Thorough knowledge of financing concepts as well as strong and keen analytical abilities
  • Numerical excellence; logical as well as observatory skills
  • Communicative abilities

Corporate Financial Analyst Education and Qualification

  • A corporate financial analyst must hold a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and/or Accounting/ Business Studies/ any other field that is related to financial analysis.
  • Certification for successful completion of State registered course in Finance analysis tasks; on-the-job training experience of minimum 6 months.
  • Work experience of 2 years

Corporate Financial Analyst Salary

The average salary of a corporate financial analyst ranges between $50,000 and $78,000 annually.

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