Creative Marketing Director Job Description

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Creative Marketing Director Job Profile and Description

The job of a creative marketing director, quite understandably, is basically handling of all those tasks that are related to the creative marketing of products and services of a particular corporate firm. The job profile can be described as comprising of specific activities that help develop the company’s overall market standards by means of unique strategies.

Creativity needs to be enhanced constantly in order to be able to achieve success; hence, creative marketing directors need not be creative just be themselves but should also be capable of enriching the creative excellence of the group they are directing and that of the people working under their supervision.

Creative Marketing Director Duties and Responsibilities

The following duties and responsibilities need to be performed by a creative marketing director:

  • The first and foremost duty would be to exercise strict regulations so as to prepare projects within a stipulated time span. Deadline needs to be a major issue in such tasks where creativity is being made to work under a corporate framework.
  • A creative marketing director would need to go through the needs and requirements, demands and trends of current markets and likewise design strategies to accomplish the desired targets. He/she must direct in a manner such that the said creativity would be utilized in the area wanted and not be swayed in some other (unwanted) direction.
  • The job of a creative marketing director would be to assess the creative designs and plans and develop the best-suited marketing idea into an approach that would be adopted at certain/all levels of marketing.
  • The director needs to interact with all his workers and professionals, compulsorily, to attain a clear picture of the current marketing scenario and the corresponding creative aspects.
  • It is a major responsibility of a creative marketing director to devise effective creative marketing policies and programs that would reach out to all potential clients and buyers, and employ the most talented personnel in the respective work – for, creativity demands genius.

Creative Marketing Director Skills and Specifications

  • Leadership skills; creative thinking abilities, analytical and logical skills
  • Inter-personal skills are a must
  • Managerial abilities, decision-making approach

Creative Marketing Director Education and Qualification

  • Undergraduate degree in courses such as Marketing, Business Administration, Fine Arts, etc.
  • Higher degrees are generally rewarded and looked up to.
  • An understanding of the basic concepts of visual art, advertising in corporate houses, and such other related aspects is required.
  • Marketing ideas and practical applications must be well known to applicants.

Creative Marketing Director Salary

The average annual salary of a creative marketing director is around $102,000 per annum.

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