Customer service specialist Job Description

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Customer service specialist job profile and description

  • Customer service specialists are in charge of achieving the consumer welfare goals of companies and corporations.
  • They usually found in outlets and stores of organized retail chains, branded consumer product companies and designer brands of apparel clothing, cosmetics etc.
  • They have to ensure that, the customer is satisfied with the consumption of the goods and services, which have been produced by the firms and retailers.
  • This job gives the employees knowledge of marketing and salesmanship as well as an opportunity to endorse the reputable qualities of the companies.

Customer Service Specialist duties and responsibilities

  • The customer service specialists have the duties of catering to the needs and demands of the customers.
  • They have to help out the customers in the understanding of products, such as electronic goods, cosmetics, accessories etc.
  • They have to advertise the special features and impressive qualities of products and services, so that the buyers purchase goods and gain satisfaction from the consumption.
  • They also have to solve the problems, arising out of the consumption of inferior goods and register their complaints for solutions.

Customer service specialist Skills and Specifications

  • The skills, which are required for customer service specialization, are mostly excellent communication and┬áinteraction skills.
  • The customer service specialist has to keep a track of the recent trends and developments in products and technologies.

Customer service specialist Qualifications and Experience

  • The customer care specialists have to be well versed with the products available.
  • The important requirement is of communication qualities, like accent and etiquette, while speaking.

Customer service specialist Salary And Prospects

  • The specialists can earn quite adequately for their casual expenses.
  • There is scope for the specialists to earn more, based on their level of performance.
  • There is also a fair chance of the novices for securing more responsible and managerial positions in the retail outlets, provided they perform competently.┬áIn this sector organizations have offered a starting salary of $30,000 to $55,000.

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