Dairy manager Job Description

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Dairy manager Job Profile and Description

A dairy manager is responsible for the financial health of the dairy business, and for generating wealth to sustain the business. In order to run a dairy farm successfully, no matter how big or small it is, one needs to make big investments in cattle, shelters, provisions and facilities. Managing these production facilities require proper strategies and techniques to ensure profit.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • The dairy manager has to analyze and maintain records and visit consultants
  • He directly supervises the plant’s production and has to be involved with the daily operations, logistics, maintenance, safety and quality in the dairy
  • He must work with lenders, make marketing strategies, purchase provisions and other things required for the maintenance of the dairy
  • The animals in a dairy are the most important assets and the manager must visit nutritionists and veterinarians for health management
  • The manager is also responsible for hiring employees, staff meetings and make performance evaluations
  • He must go for frequent workshops to enhance his knowledge and skills, to train other staff members and be efficient in other duties
  • He also has to meet regulatory agencies and follow the fixed standards
  • He needs to plan for routine maintenance of the dairy, think of ways for making improvements and expansions
  • He must keep records of production and sales and make sure that the dairy says profitable
  • He needs to meet targets and achieve operating results

Skills and Specifications

  • The dairy manager must have excellent team building skills and should be a leader
  • He must also have good written and oral communication skills
  • He needs to have excellent organizational skills, must be able to multi-task.

Education and Qualifications

Candidates need to have a Bachelor’s degree in Science in the specialized field. Prior experience is better for managerial position. Basic knowledge of computers is required.

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