Data Warehouse Analyst Job Description

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Data Warehouse Analyst Job Profile and Description

A data warehouse analyst is an individual who is responsible for the analysis, tracking and management of the products and equipments which are stored in the warehouse of a company. He/she uses database servers to keep tab on the products which are to be used and the ones which have no further use etc.

This job requires excellent analytical skills and requires one to design the data warehouse databases and decide the best ways to retrieve the huge amounts of data etc. To know more about the description of the job of a data warehouse analyst, you can refer to the following given information:

Data Warehouse Analyst Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a data warehouse analyst have been provided below:

  • The main duty of a data warehouse analyst is to survey the existing databases and the current business processes and find critical data or information of the warehouse of the company.
  • Another duty which a data warehouse analyst has to fulfill is to determine the ways to move the existing data from the storage to the existing warehouse.
  • It is their responsibility to decide when the data needs to be stored in its raw form and when it needs to be condensed.
  • He/she must work with computer software and database servers to perform their various tasks.

Data Warehouse Analyst Skills and Specifications

Several skills are needed by any person who wishes to be a data warehouse analyst. The following are some of these skills:

  • Exceptional analytical skills and troubleshooting qualities are a must for a data warehouse analyst to possess.
  • Good computer skills and knowledge of the business processes is also required.
  • A data warehouse analyst must be focused, dedicated and must possess good organisational and managerial skills as well.

Data Warehouse Analyst Education and Qualification

The education and qualification requirements for a data warehouse analyst are given below:

  • A bachelor’s degree in any field with an inclination towards business management or computer science can prove to be useful for an aspiring data warehouse analyst.
  • One can also pursue a diploma in any related field in order to be eligible to get the job.

Data Warehouse Analyst Salary

The average median salary of a data warehouse analyst is $75000. This salary depends upon the education, skills and the work experience of the candidate.

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