Digital Marketing Manager Job Description

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Digital Marketing Manager Job Profile and Description

Digital marketing is a sub section of the marketing function of an organisation. In a way it is a specialized way to promote or market. A digital marketing manager is the official who manages the digital marketing team and the projects etc. depending upon the requirements of the organisation.

Digital marketing is the segment which makes use of digital media/ mediums like internet websites, emails, and applications for mobiles and varied social networks etc. in order to market a service / product. There are different marketing channels all of which are governed by the respective digital marketing manager.

Digital Marketing Manager Duties and Responsibilities

The digital marketing managers are assigned following duties and responsibilities:

  • Initiating the research/ base work required to the development of the digital marketing campaign.
  • Developing and placing a proper digital marketing campaign, complete with all the minute details.
  • Working on the design, the outlook and visibility aspect of the product/ service being marketed.
  • Creating awareness among the team of digital marketing department with respect to the development in technologies, digital industry and marketing techniques.
  • Heading the whole team and ensuring members do the tasks assigned to them with utmost sincerity.
  • Evaluating the campaign performance from time to time and bring about the changes required for target achievement.

Digital Marketing Manager Skills and Specifications

The digital marketing managers are expected to possess following skills:

  • Expertise in respect to the digital media channels/ mediums.
  • Knowhow and updated knowledge of the digital marketing industry
  • Demonstrate ability to work in and manage the marketing sector database.
  • Good communicator as the leader as well as player in the team
  • Tech savvy and abilities to handle all/ emerging new technologies.
  • Planning mind with organisational and managerial talents.

Digital Marketing Manager Education and Qualification

  • Bachelor degree in marketing is required. Some organisations may employ individuals with degrees in related fields.
  • Those with no educational specialization in marketing are required to undergo and digital marketing focused training, usually provided by the organisation itself.
  • There are multiple certificate courses and diplomas for specialization in marketing and even digital marketing. These may be extremely helpful in finding employment.

Digital Marketing Manager Salary

The estimated average salary for digital marketing manager is said to be about $ 76,000 per annum. The salary at the pot may vary depending upon factors like job profile, skills of the candidate, experience and others.

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