Director Manufacturing Job Description

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Director Manufacturing Job Profile and Description

A director of manufacturing is a senior position who oversees and looks over all manufacturing processes for a company. These professionals are employed in different industries in the manufacturing sector like electronics, pharmaceutical, automobile, food etc. They usually have to report to a president or chief executive officer, and are responsible for the manufacturing of products and helping boost revenues for the company.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • The director of manufacturing formulates and supervises processes, quality and production improvement methodologies
  • He directs the development, planning, implementation and maintenance of manufacturing methods for products and technologies
  • He has to ensure that quality of the products is maintained, safety procedures, state rules and company guidelines are followed
  • He has certain managerial positions too like making and implementing policies and procedures, or setting up manufacturing operations strategies
  • He has to build and mentor employees and help them reach the targets
  • He has to ensure that equipment, materials and tools used are of the best quality and production standards are followed
  • He makes and maintains manufacturing budgets and make sure that the operations remain profitable
  • He has to work with engineers and purchasing staff to make quality products to meet customers’ expectations
  • He has to make sure all the manufacturing processes are cost-effective

Skills and Specifications

  • A director of manufacturing must have knowledge about technical operations, business and financial skills
  • He should be a team player and at the same time possess leadership skills
  • He should motivate the workers and take responsibility for the operations
  • He must be organised and have good communications and analytical skills

Education and Qualifications

A director of manufacturing needs to have a bachelor’s degree in manufacturing, engineering or business administration. Since it is a senior position, he needs to have at least 10 years working experience in manufacturing.

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