Director of Corporate Services Job Description

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Director of Corporate Services Job Profile and Description

The Director of Corporate Services holds a very respectable position and hence needs to perform a set of important and crucial tasks as well. The major responsibility of managing the respective corporate firm and its tasks and duties entirely rests upon the director, and, thus, it is extremely important that he has complete knowledge and understanding of each of the service provided by the firm.

The business aspects dealt with by the firm need to be thoroughly understood and regularly looked after by the Director of Corporate Services. Also, it would be one of the most important duties to ensure that the services being provided are all successful in meeting the set targets. The Director of Corporate Services may also be employed by the State to overlook the corporate services and activities of several corporate firms as part of a single organization.

Director of Corporate Services Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of the Director of Corporate Services include:

  • For a particular firm, the Director of Corporate Services needs to ensure that he keeps tab on all the major activities being performed on the part of the company and also assesses them at regular intervals.
  • In order to ensure effective accomplishment of corporate goals and objectives, the Director of Corporate Services must provide a strategy that calls for systematic planning and execution of corporate policies and procedures.
  • It is an important job responsibility of the Director of Corporate Services to prepare a report based on the analysis of the various corporate activities, in several departments and comprising of varied aspects, on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, or annual basis, and produce the same for decision-making by higher authorities.
  • The Director of Corporate Services is to act as a bridge between the employees and the administrative authority of the firm, thereby enhancing productivity and sales by helping workers achieve the required direction as aimed by the administration – for provision of corporate services to clients and consumers.

Director of Corporate Services Skills and Specifications

  • Interpersonal and communicative skills are most important; verbal as well as non-verbal traits.
  • Reasoning and logical abilities
  • Ability to understand and make others understand
  • Leadership qualities; group-spirit and rationality
  • Basic understanding of corporate concepts and practice of lending corporate services is required.

Director of Corporate Services Education and Qualification

  • A Bachelor’s as well as Master’s Degree in Corporate Finance or Business Study is essential for qualifying as a Director of Corporate Services
  • Professional licensure to work for a corporate service-providing firm
  • A minimum of 5 – 7 years of work experience in providing corporate services and/or related jobs

Director of Corporate Services Salary

The Director of Corporate Services earns an annual salary of approximately $96,000.

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