Director of Nursing Job Description

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Director of Nursing Job Profile and Description

A director of nursing is in charge of the performance of a nursing staff in a hospital or any other health care facility. He is primarily responsible for directing and motivating others and developing and implementing patient care services.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • The director of nursing must efficiently and effectively plan, organize, direct and implement a comprehensive institution-wide nursing programme
  • He must evaluate and modify goals, objectives, and organizational structures to provide the best nursing care service
  • Besides supervising the staff, the director of nursing has to perform certain administrative duties like updating records, entering patient data and developments
  • He also has to develop and implement a budget for the hospital and prepare reports for higher levels of management
  • They must make sure the nursing programme supervised by them follows all the legal procedures, nursing laws and regulations and current trends
  • They must work with the management and HR department of the hospital to ensure career planning for the nursing staff
  • They are responsible for training, appraisal, hiring and retention of the nursing staff
  • He must make sure that hospital policies are followed

Skills and Specifications

  • The director of nursing must have good communication and leadership skills
  • He should be organised, disciplined and have a good sense of hygiene
  • He should be understanding and sympathetic yet firm and tactful
  • He must be able to work in high-pressure situations and for long hours
  • He should also have good management skills and motivate his team

Education and Qualifications

To be a director of nursing, one needs to at least have a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Since it is a senior position, a master’s degree is more preferable and the candidate needs a lot of experience. He should have technical knowledge for administrative responsibilities.

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