Drum Teacher Job Description

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Any person who has exceptional talent of playing drums and is extending this hobby to teach students drums is known as a drum teacher. A drum teacher may either be working independently or may be employed by an institute to teach pupils.

A drum teacher is primarily responsible for imparting drum lessons to the interested students and also takes them to drum performances. To know more about the drum teacher job description, you can read the following given information:

Drum Teacher Duties and Responsibilities

A drum teacher must perform the following given responsibilities and duties:

  • Any person who is working as a drum teacher must teach students about drums, their history, their important constituents etc.
  • The main duty of a drum teacher is to teach pupils how to play drums and how to make original music by playing this musical instrument.
  • It is the duty of a drum teacher to maintain records of students and inform them about class timings etc.
  • Collecting payment is also one of the responsibilities of a drum teacher.
  • A drum teacher is also responsible for conducting tests or playing sessions for students to mark them on their performance.
  • Another duty is to take them out for live drum performance to gain firsthand experience.

Drum Teacher Skills and Specifications

A drum teacher needs to possess the following given skills and specifications:

  • A drum teacher must be an exceptional player of the drums and should also be a good teacher.
  • Patience is another skill which every drum teacher must possess.
  • A drum teacher must have knowledge about all types of drums and where these musical instruments can be bought from.
  • A drum teacher must be creative and should have the experience required to teach well.

Drum Teacher Education and Qualification

The following are some of the educational requirements for a drum teacher:

  • No formal education is required by anyone who wants to be a drum teacher but training of drums and general knowledge in area of music is a must.
  • Some music schools also offer associate programs in drums or music education.
  • Bachelor’s degree in music education and state certification is the most sure shot way of getting the job.

Drum Teacher Salary

The average median income for anyone working as a drum teacher is $70000. This figure depends upon the qualifications of the candidate and place of employment.

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