Editorial Assistant Job Description

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Editorial Assistant Job Profile and Description

Editorial assistant needs to perform the job of an assistant during the entire stage of publication of various journals, magazines, books and other such publicity materials. They should be able to provide the necessary support work to the main editorial staff in various functions ranging from administration, planning, production and commissioning of different types of publications.

The exact job description would vary from company to company and in most of the cases it is the right foremost designation offered to a candidate willing to build a career in editorial field.

Editorial Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

The list of the major duties and responsibilities of the post are mentioned below:

  • Proof reading of both technical and non technical matters and subjects.
  • Ensure that the proof is free from grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes and free from sentence formation and structural flaws.
  • Perform editing work strictly as per the norms and rules laid down by the employer.
  • Check on the consistency and unity of the project once it has taken a particular shape.
  • Perform administrative and other related work including independent handling of correspondence on behalf of the senior editorial staff.
  • Work in a team and represent the organization as one of the style managers.

Editorial Assistant Skills and Specifications

Various skills and specifications of editorial assistant are mentioned below:

  • Superb and unmatched written and verbal communication skills.
  • Must be flexible and adaptive to work under different circumstances and situations.
  • Good administrative and man-management skills.
  • Must be able to work under pressure and believe in adhering to deadlines which at times could be very demanding.
  • Good proof reading skills to find out mistakes and omissions.
  • Good key board skills coupled with very good computer operations skills particularly pertaining to MS Office and other such packages.

Editorial Assistant Education and Qualifications

  • A degree from college preferably in Arts is a must.
  • English should be the main subject in such degree qualifications.
  • A post graduate degree with English as a special subject coupled with a certificate course in something related to journalism would be preferable.
  • A course in basic computer applications is also desirable.

Editorial Assistant Salary

A good and skillful Editorial Assistant can aspire to get a salary of around $47000 per annum to begin with and with experience and expertise the salary could go up to around $60,000 per annum.

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