Electrical Project Engineer Job Description

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Electrical Project Engineer Job Profile and Description

An electrical project engineer designs, builds, develops and maintains all the electrical networks and control systems in the respective organisation or business where he/ she are employed. While building controlling and maintaining these officials also have to take care all the other safety, quality, reliability etc. aspects of the system and its components. But the set of duties, responsibilities, authority etc included in the profile may vary from organisation to organisation.

Electrical Project Engineer Duties and Responsibilities

Following is a list of most responsibilities and duties that a designated electrical project engineer will be expected to fulfil.

  • The electrical project manager is responsible for identifying the needs/ requirements of the respective project and building a plan accordingly.
  • To draft the design of the project and to select the products that are to be used in the design.
  • It is the part of the electrical project engineer’s job to deal with all the technical drawings, technical readings and the required research in the project.
  • The individual also has to liaison with the clients as well as the whole team to ensure that everything is going smoothly and as per the project goal guideline.

Electrical Project Engineer Skills and Specifications

Following are the set of skills those aspiring to become electrical project engineers must possess:

  • Excellent managerial and leadership skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Be a team player and be able to work in coordination with all those involved in the project.
  • Great analytical brain with the ability to calm and composed under times of sudden/ great stress.

Electrical Project Engineer Education and Qualification

Following are the educational and other requirements that must be met by aspiring electrical project engineers.

  • It is essential that the individual hold a bachelor’s level degree in field of electrical sciences like electrical engineer or a very closely related field.
  • Most organisations also require an individual they are to employ as the electrical project engineer to have a prior work experience of at least 2 yrs in the field.
  • Some organisations may also require the individual to have higher level education like Masters education in the same field.

Electrical Project Engineer Salary

The electrical project engineers with even some basic experience will earn a salary of about $ 47,800 per annum to about $ 68,300 per annum on an average. Those working on higher or more senior levels may earn around $ 85,400 per annum as well.

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