Energy Consultant Job Description

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Energy Consultant Job Profile and Description

An energy consultant, as the job title rightly explains, is an individual whose primary responsibility is to acquire complete knowledge regarding the energy resources and their current status/ availability, preferred way of usage, and design efficient policies for energy consumption. The consultant is to suggest on the most effective methodologies in utilizing different forms of energy, either to individual clients or corporate firms and business houses. Thus, the job of an energy consultant, quite understandably, is basically of providing consultancy services related to proper usage of energy sources – for which one needs to acquire clear perceptions and thorough knowledge and also practical skills of applying statistics into efficient business policies.

Energy Consultant Duties and Responsibilities

An energy consultant generally needs to perform the following duties and responsibilities:

The primary duty of an energy consultant is to monitor the global energy trends and consumption patterns and likewise determine his/her client’s energy usage model.

The various prototypes for efficient energy management need to be identified by the consultant and depending on those patterns he/she must decide the level of energy that can be consumed and ways they can be used by his/her potential clients.

It is important for an energy consultant to understand the needs as well as social and financial condition and related aspects regarding the client, and design or plan his consultancy strategies accordingly.

The energy consultant is responsible for providing his clients with relevant and important information regarding market trends and global energy consumption patterns. Awareness regarding proper energy consumption also needs to be provided by the consultant.

It is a vital responsibility of an energy consultant to set energy-efficient goals for his clients and guide them towards effective, productive, and economically wise consumption of energy.

Energy Consultant Skills and Specification

Comprehensive knowledge regarding energy resources, global consumption patterns, technicalities and terminologies, jargons, etc.

Practical sense of effective energy consumption

Interpersonal skills

Computational abilities

Planning and analytical skills

Energy Consultant Education and Qualification

A bachelor’s degree in energy engineering or economics, mathematics or other related fields; a Master’s or MBA is often preferred by employers.

Experience of field work or on-the-job training and certified course completion.

License to work as an energy consultant, acquired from a State registered body.

Work experience [of 1-2 years or more] is highly appreciated.

Energy Consultant Salary

An energy consultant can earn an average of $80,000 annually, with better skilled and experienced consultants being paid more.

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