Enologist Job Description

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Enologist Job Profile and Description

Enologists are also known as the wine experts who are not only knowledgeable regarding various type of wines but also responsible for producing wine in various breweries or winery. They are responsible for supervising and controlling all the steps of wine production from start to end. Infact, they are also responsible to verify the quality of the wine produced as well. These wines are needed to be produced according to the latest demand of customers in the market. Therefore along with production expertise, enologist must have idea on market demand as well.

Enologist Duties and Responsibilities:

Enologists are responsible for handling various duties and responsibilities in the work front. Some of the significant are as follows:

  • Liaisons with the workers and lab technicians
  • Inspecting the quality of the grapes or rice that is decided to be used as major ingredient
  • Supervising the quality of other chemicals that are being decided for use
  • Ascertaining and retaining that all the standards and regulations are well maintained
  • Process like husking (if the wine is produced from rice), malting, fermentation and bottling needed to be done in a proper manner and under the decided conditions and temperature
  • Controlling and managing the machineries used for wine production
  • Ensuring proper transportation of raw materials and the wine bottles after its production.
  • Identifying the wine of low quality through various methods

Enologist Skills and Specifications:

To accomplish the duty of an enologist, potentially one must possess certain skills and specifications as enlisted:

  • Adequate knowledge about every minute details of wine production ranging from market demand to retention of brewery standards
  • Proficient in handling machineries involved in wine production and understanding its technicality.
  • Strong interactive skill
  • Potential of handling enormous job stress and long working hours

Enologist Education and Qualifications:

An enologist must possess certain educational degrees and qualifications in order to deliver high performance and efficiency in the work front. They are as follows:

  • Bachelor of Science- Enology and Viticulture
  • Internships or on-job trainings are very important for the entry level enologist
  • Professional degree to understand the chemistry behind wine production, fermentation microbiology.

Enologist Salary:

The salary of an entry level enologist generally ranges between $45,000- $65,000 per annum. The experienced enologists get an average salary of $75,000 per annum. Independent enologists are generally appointed and paid around $30 on hourly basis.

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