Event coordinator Job Description

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Event coordinator Job Profile and Description.

An event coordinator is an individual who directs, coordinates and effectively plans events such as weddings, birthday parties and proms. An event coordinator either works alone or in team. In a team the coordinator is charged with the management and supervision of clerical, technical and other junior personnel.

Duties and Responsibilities

The following are event coordinator job duties and responsibilities:

    • Planning, organizing, promoting, facilitating and coordinating different types of events
    • Monitoring and coordinating the timeline of an event
    • Preparing event reports
    • Supervising and coordinating the activities of the catering personnel as well as subcontractors
    • Providing guidance and information pertaining to the event to the clients
    • Preparing the event budget
    • Ensuring that all contractual obligations are met
    • Ensuring that quality client/customer standards are upheld at all times
    • Ensuring the event venue is ready on time
    • Preparation of event contracts
    • Scheduling events and coordinating appointments
    • Creating and revising plans and layouts for different events
    • Liaising with the client to ensure that their needs are effectively met
    • Ensuring the event location fulfils all building, health and safety requirements

Skills and Specifications

For the event coordinator to be able to job effectively, certain skills are required. The following are some of the important event coordinator job skills and specifications:

    • Should be passionate about event management
    • Good attention to detail
    • Works well under pressure
    • Good negotiation skills
    • Excellent oral and written communication skills
    • Excellent management and organizational skills
    • Works well alone and in a team

Education and Qualifications

A degree or college diploma in event/facility management is sufficient for this position. Experience in public relations is also important.

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