Event Organiser Job Description

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Event Organiser Job Profile and Description

Event organisers are responsible for the production of various events or occasions and take care of all the stages — from conception through to completion. There can be different kinds of events — both public and private — exhibitions, fairs, birthday, anniversaries, concerts, functions, festivals, conferences, promotions and product launches, fundraising or other social events. They maybe employed by event management companies or may freelance.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • The event organiser has to research markets in order to identify different opportunities for events
  • He meet clients to find out what they require from an event
  • Based on that, he makes detailed proposals for events, which may include timings, venues, suppliers, legal obligations, and budgets
  • He has to select and book a suitable venue or location for the event
  • He must make sure insurance, legal, health and safety obligations are followed
  • He must coordinate with venue management, caterers, decorators, and other divisions
  • He must make provision for car parking, traffic control, security, first aid, hospitality and sometimes has to contact the media
  • Sometimes he needs to contact sponsors for the event or invite speakers for workshops
  • He has to prepare delegate packs and papers, tickets, posters, catalogues etc
  • He has to answer queries and ensure everything runs smoothly;
  • He has to maintain cleanliness of the place
  • He has to maintain records, enter data and do post-event evaluation of the event by submitting reports

Skills and Specifications

  • Teamwork is very important in event organisation
  • An event organiser has to work under pressure and for long hours
  • He must have good communication and networking skills
  • They also need to have excellent organisational skills and pay attention to details

Education and Qualifications

There are many courses provided by private institutes and colleges on event management, and one can go for a diploma or degree.

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