Event Planning Job Description

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Event Planning Job Profile and Description

Event planning involves planning and coordinating such events as festivals, ceremonies, conventions, competitions and parties. An event planner is an individual charged with the duty of planning, organizing and coordinating events. The planner can either specialize in the planning of social or corporate events. An event planner is also known as an event coordinator, conference coordinator or meeting manager.

Duties and Responsibilities

The following are the event planner’s job duties and responsibilities:

  • Preparing the event/event budget
  • Establishing event dates
  • Selecting event venue/sites
  • Making reservations for event locations
  • Developing the event theme
  • Selecting the décor to be used at the event
  • Arranging the event décor, tents, tables and chairs
  • Making transportation arrangements
  • Selecting and hiring caterers for the event
  • Preparing the guest list
  • Managing and supervising contractors, caterers and other staff
  • Effectively arranging the décor
  • Ensuring the event meets all health, safety and building standards
  • Selecting and hiring valets as well as parking attendants
  • Hiring the DJ
  • Selecting the key note speaker
  • Selecting and hiring the security detail
  • Liaising with the client to ensure that the event is successful

Skills and Specifications

For an event planner to be able to perform his/her duties effectively, certain skills are required. The following are some of the important event planner skills and specifications:

  • Works well under pressure
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and oral
  • Excellent management and organization skills
  • Should be passionate about event planning
  • A team player with excellent negotiation skills
  • Deadline oriented with good attention to detail

Education and Qualifications

A degree in event management is adequate for this position. Public relations, marketing and project management skills are also important.

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