Executive Sous Chef Job Description

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Executive Sous Chef Job Profile and Description

An executive sous chef works just below an executive chef, that is, a sous chef is second-in-command in the line of executives managing and administering over the operation of the particular restaurant. Hence the job profile of an executive sous chef can be described as one that comprises of heavy responsibilities such as ensuring perfect quality of food being served to customers, proper management of the entire professional setup, employee satisfaction, total adherence to the State rules and regulations set for restaurant execution and compliance with the administrative regulations for services provided, etc.

Executive sous chefs have job possibilities in not just hotels and restaurants but also in ships, cruise and casinos, where large quantity of food is required to be cooked and served efficiently.

Executive Sous Chef Duties and Responsibilities

The specific job duties and responsibilities of an executive sous chef include:

  • Being an executive sous chef, an individual primarily requires a thorough knowledge and understanding of the culinary basics as well as advanced skills. One must be talented enough to bring about ideas of rare varieties of dishes and prepare as well as present them properly.
  • Managerial responsibilities are important aspects in the job profile of an executive sous chef.
  • Customer satisfaction is an important job responsibility of the executive sous chef. The quality of food does count; but the services provided, time management, delivery of food and other customer requirements in a correct and sophisticated fashion also form an integral part of the sous chef’s responsibility.
  • An executive sous chef must be thoroughly aware of the rules and regulations that govern the code of execution of the particular restaurant, food unit, or organization and ensure that all tasks conducted must abide by those strictures.
  • The executive sous chef has to work as a mentor to junior chefs as well; hence it is his duty to train them properly as well as to maintain amiable relations with them.

Executive Sous Chef Skills and Specifications

  • Effective application of culinary skills in real-life cooking; knowledge of maximum possible dishes from all over the globe.
  • Strong interpersonal as well as verbal skills
  • Ability to work in groups as well as lead a team and provide required training to subordinates.
  • Physical strength and flexibility in work

Executive Sous Chef Education and Qualification

The educational qualifications required of an executive sous chef are:

  • High School degree and diploma or bachelor’s in any specific field
  • Training in culinary programs registered under the State policies; hands-on practice and certification
  • Certification by the American Culinary Federation [ACF] or the attainment of the Certified Culinary Administrator certification adds on to the academic capabilities of an executive sous chef

Executive Sous Chef Salary

The average annual salary of an executive sous chef can range between $70,000 and $1,30,000, depending on skills and expertise.

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