Facilities Assistant Job Description

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Facilities Assistant Job Profile and Description

As the name suggests, a facilities assistant is an individual who works in office and other buildings and is responsible for taking care of the buildings, their grounds, parking lots and other areas. Facilities assistants generally work under facilities managers and take instructions and orders from them.

They are required to perform many tasks and duties and some of them may include maintenance of the building, changing of electrical appliances when needed, ensuring the cleanliness etc. To become a facilities assistant, an individual needs to fulfill specific skill requirements as well. To know more about the same, you can go through the following part of the article.

Facilities Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

Some of the major duties and responsibilities of a facilities assistant are given as follows:

  • A facilities assistant is responsible for the overall care and maintenance of office buildings, parks, grounds, and systems etc.
  • He/she is responsible for changing light bulbs and other electrical and electronic equipments as and when required.
  • Another duty of a facilities assistant is to ensure fire safety by employing proper safety measures and renewing licenses etc whenever they expire.
  • It is the duty of a facilities assistant to fix broken desks and other furniture pieces of the building.
  • Tending to outdoor duties like mowing of lawns, planting flowers and plants etc are also the other duties of a facilities manager.

Facilities Assistant Skills and Specifications

The following are some of the main skills and specifications needed by a facilities assistant:

  • A facilities assistant must be detail-oriented and should be focused.
  • Having exceptional managerial and organisational skills will also help an aspiring facilities manager.
  • He/she should be extremely hardworking and must have good communication skills to maintain relations with workers and laborers.
  • A facilities assistant must have mechanical and technical knowledge to deal with certain office building issues etc.

Facilities Assistant Education and Qualification

Facilities assistant needs to possess the following given educational qualifications:

  • A facilities assistant must possess a high school diploma or GED certification.
  • Though no other educational degree is compulsory for this post but the candidate must have good technical and mechanical knowledge.

Facilities Assistant Salary

Any individual who is working as a facilities assistant is likely to earn an average median salary of $43000. The salary of the candidate may vary depending upon the type of organisation and skill sets of the candidate.

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