Factory Packer Job Description

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Factory Packer Job Profile and Description


A factory packer has to pack whatever product the factory produces. He is responsible in packing the finished product manually or mechanically and making it fit for sale. Factory packers are in demand in all sorts of industries, including meat packing units, bottle – making factories, toys, gift manufacturers, etc.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Factory packers are responsible for making the product of the factory fit for public consumption.
  • He has to procure the finished product from the manufacturing department.
  • He has to take care of the entire packing process. Some factories, such as meat packing units, have to depend on manual work while in others the work is done mechanically under human supervision.
  • He has to wrap and pack the finished products in packing material that has been provided by the company.
  • He has to ensure that the packed product reach the logistics department from where it is to be shipped for distribution.
  • He is responsible for taking care of all the packaging material which is provided to him.
  • He may have to take care of the data entry of the factory as well.

Skills and Specifications

  • Factory packers need to have a fit and strong body that can stand up to long hours of work.
  • He should be ready to work in shifts.
  • He should be willing to learn from supervisory staff as to ways to do the job at hand in the best way possible.
  • He should have the basic computer skills required for doing data entry work as and when needed.
  • He should be willing to work according to the instructions he is been given.

Education and Qualifications

Factory packers need to have a high school diploma. More than education, training in the specific industry is needed to be successful in this profession.

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