Fashion Art Director Job Description

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Fashion Art Director Job Profile and Description

The art director is a high level position in any fashion business/ label or organisation. This individual heads the whole of the art department and is accountable for all that goes on in that department. He/she have the final say on every decision pertaining to their department and every operation needs to be approved by them. It is obviously a strenuous job and hence the individual appointed must meet a set of peculiar requirements.

Fashion Art Director Duties and Responsibilities

Art director duties and responsibilities include the following, to name a few:

  • The art directors are responsible for entire fashion projects and are responsible for its success or failure.
  • Art director is the one responsible for ensuring that the fashion house/ labels image and outlook is updated and developed on regular basis.
  • To lead the whole team of skilled and experienced professionals into preparing designs suitable for the respective business.
  • To ensure that all the designs are being transformed to real pieces with utmost caution, precision and in accordance with the regulations.
  • Toto make decision regarding the material to be used, the supplier to be contracted and the models to be used etc.

Fashion Art Director Skills and Specifications

Fashion art director need to have a specific set of skills given the nature of the job, some of those essential skills is listed below.

  • Excellent eye for detail.
  • Keen observer.
  • Great fashion style and panache.
  • Presentable and have great poise.
  • Explicable sense of fashion trends, colour scheming and colours in general.
  • Ability to handle and knowledge of all material kinds that may be used in the fashion projects.
  • Persuasive in his/ her approach.

Fashion Art Director Education and Qualification

The educational qualifications for the art director position are given in the list below.

  • Holding a bachelor’s degree in the field of fashion art or fashion designing is required as a pre-requisite to the art director position.
  • Since the position is a high level profile, most organisation/ fashion houses will want the individual at this position to also hold a master’s level degree in fashion or closely related fields.
  • Holding some prior experience is also a definite requirement for this job profile. Most commonly the kind of work experience expected is about 5- 10 yrs.

Fashion Art Director Salary

The average or the median salary that is received by the fashion art directors is stated to be in vicinity of $95,000 per annum with variations on either ends.

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