Fashion Artist Job Description

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Fashion Artist Job Profile and Description

Fashion artists are not the same as fashion designers; instead these are the individuals who work in accordance with the fashion designers. The fashion artists are the modes via which the designer’s ideas are brought out on paper or the medium of display being used by the respective designer.

These individuals must have a specific skills set as their job requires them to work on projects where attention is to be paid to every single detail and its basic purpose is to transform thought into visual expressions.

Fashion Artist Duties and Responsibilities

The list of duties and responsibilities that the fashion artist must meet includes the following:

  • The fashion artist is the individual who is responsible for drawing or painting or making all the illustration for the clothing or respective fashion product.
  • Once the illustrations for the clothes are done, the artist has to prepare sketches for the complementary accessories and other apparel to go along with the clothes.
  • It is the duty of the fashion artist to lay down the basis on which the models, props and other supporting settings are arranged.
  • The fashion artist has to provide proper assistance to the respective designer.

Fashion Artist Skills and Specifications

Here is a list of the skills that are kind of essential for every fashion artist:

  • Artistic ability
  • Good visualisation abilities
  • Excellent creativity or creative talents
  • Ability to transfer someone else’s thoughts onto paper or into designs
  • Detail oriented attitude
  • Observant with patience to work on even the minute details
  • Communication skills with good command over the formal language
  • Organisational and managerial skills
  • Planning and prioritising abilities so as to meet work deadlines
  • Composed and calm under all conditions
  • Well versed with all the computer aided software.

Fashion Artist Education and Qualification

Stated below are the education/ experience requirements to enter fashion industry as fashion artist:

  • The most typical and basic educational requirement for those who wish to enter the fashion industry is a bachelor’s or an associate degree in fashion designing or related disciplines.
  • An individual may be required to have some prior internship or work experience in the field of fashion artistry.

Fashion Artist Salary

The average yearly salary for the fashion artist is stated to be about $45,750 per annum as of year 2013. The variations occur depending upon the kind of job, employer size and kind etc.

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