Fashion Event Manager Job Description

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Fashion Event Manager Job Profile and Description

Every fashion business conducts numerous events in the course of its business operations. The fashion event managers are the individuals who are hired to meet the management and organisational duties of such events.

There are multiple parts of the event management segment and the manager must take care of all of them. They must thus be appropriately talented and skilled.  The following is a complete job description of a fashion event manager.

Fashion Event Manager Duties and Responsibilities

Following are the duties and responsibilities included in the job of the fashion event manager:

  • It is the responsibility of the fashion event manager to manage the contracts with the designers and other entities involved in the fashion event.
  • To work with the whole event management and operations team to ensure that the event preparations are proceeding as per the plan.
  • To manage the menu, the decor and the event manual/ brochure for the whole event.
  • The job of liaising with the designers, the PR team, the marketing team and the operations manager is the duty of the fashion event manager.
  • All the designers’ needs and requirements are to be met and this is to be ensured by the fashion event manager.
  • To prepare the guest list and has to ensure that the invitations are sent out to all in time.
  • The individual is also responsible for the preparing and managing the goodies (if any) at the event.

Fashion Event Manager Skills and Specifications

The skills that the fashion event manager must have to be able to perform his/ her job with expertise are:

  • Team player attitude.
  • Sense of prioritising as per business requirement and task urgency.
  • Ability to work in coordination and promote cooperation amongst others as well
  • Motivational and persuasive skills
  • Communication skills are essential to event management
  • Driven to meet the deadlines
  • Presentable with exceptional written skills
  • Ability to negotiate in the business
  • Organisational skills.

Fashion Event Manager Education and Qualification

The educational requirements for the fashion event manager are:

  • There are no rigid entry requirements for such positions. And the only requirement is that the individual must be passionate about event management and fashion.
  • Individuals with some experience in the field of fashion event management may be preferred by most organisations.

Fashion Event Manager Salary

Fashion event managers are paid a salary starting from $42730 to about $76900 per annum on an average.

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