Fashion Marketing Assistant Job Description

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Fashion Marketing Assistant Job Profile and Description

Fashion marketing assistants are the members of the marketing team of any fashion house or fashion business who assist marketing managers and perform marketing related tasks and duties. They work in coordination with whole team of professionals to ensure that the marketing plans are being made and executed in accordance with the aims and objectives of the business itself.

Fashion Marketing Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

The fashion marketing assistant job title will broadly include the following duties and responsibilities:

  • The fashion marketing assistant is responsible for making the reports on all marketing projects, just as required by his/ her superior; and presents it to the officials when needed.
  • It is the duty of the marketing assistant to handle the clientele and maintain the relations of the business with them.
  • The responsibility of dealing with the customer queries and complaints is also a part of the job description of the fashion marketing assistant.
  • Responsible for managing as well as motivating the rest of the staff in the marketing team.
  • These individuals must also ensure that the operations are going on as planned and that all the targets are being met.
  • In case there are deviations from the planned approach or target, the individual must inform the superiors and take proper corrective measures.
  • Responsible for management of the inventory/ product delivery.

Fashion Marketing Assistant Skills and Specifications

The individual must have the following skills if he/ she want to work in fashion marketing:

  • Must be a great at organising and planning for all official purposes.
  • A great communicator and be able to deal with the clients tactfully
  • Have great presentation and managerial skills to follow up on the marketing projects.
  • Be presentable themselves and have know- how of the whole industry.
  • Have a keen sense of observation.

Fashion Marketing Assistant Education and Qualification

The education that the fashion marketing assistant must hold is:

  • The possession of a good bachelor’s degree or a bachelor’s level degree/ diploma/ certificate in the field of marketing with specialisation in fashion marketing (preferably) is a prerequisite for those who wish to work as fashion marketing assistants.
  • Though there is no experience or other requirements as essential prerequisites, some firms may ask for a work experience of 6 months to 12 months period.

Fashion Marketing Assistant Salary

The average salary of a fashion marketing assistant varies between $ 32,800 and $ 43,100 per annum.

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