Fashion Marketing Job Description

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Fashion Marketing Job Profile and Description

The work of fashion designers is to design clothes matching to the latest trends and taste. These clothes are endorsed amongst the target audience by fashion marketers. Fashion marketing includes advertising, connecting people with the fashion world and setting evolution. The job involves promotion of fashion, innovative techniques and merchandise.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A fashion marketing executive has to be aware of the latest trend in fashion.
  • He has to communicate efficiently with his product manufacturing team.
  • He has to follow the company’s business strategies and put in more efforts for marketing of the products.
  • He has to study the pricing and profit strategies well.
  • He has to endorse correct product at the precise time.
  • He has to study different consumer groups and prepare campaigns to promote his products to these specific target groups.
  • He has to observe the customer buying habits.
  • He has to think out of the box to make his products appealing in public eye.
  • He has to attend various fashion shows.

Skills and Specifications

  • A fashion marketing executive needs to have thorough knowledge of fashion.
  • He should be a person with a vision and new ideas.
  • He should possess good marketing skills.
  • He should be good in publicity of any product.
  • He should be creative and analytical in his thinking.
  • He should have project management ability.
  • He should have good communication skills.
  • He should be hard working as a lot of market research is required in this job.
  • He should be skillful in media planning.
  • He should possess business expertise.


Education and Qualifications

To become a fashion marketing executive one should have a Bachelor’s degree in fashion, marketing or any of the field related to fashion.

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