Fashion Sales Assistant Job Description

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Fashion Sales Assistant Job Profile and Description

The fashion sales assistant is the job title which comes in immediate control of the fashion sales manager. In a way the sales assistants are set to facilitate the work of the superiors and ensuring the operations of the organisation/ business go on smoothly.

The job profile includes a lot of day to day tasks which help in the smooth functioning of the fashion house/ business. The additional details of the job profile are as follows.

Fashion Sales Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

The fashion sales assistant must meet the following duties and responsibilities:

  • It is the duty of the sales assistant to select the new products as per the requirements of the officials and conduct reviews on the old collections.
  • The responsibility of the sales assistant also includes maintaining relations with the existing clientele and develops relations with the new ones.
  • The sales assistant must deal with all the documentation and the files management in the office as required by his/ her superior.
  • To take care of the budget and all the budgeting issues.
  • The responsibility laid on the fashion assistant also includes studying the sales patterns and trends and making sales predictions.

Fashion Sales Assistant Skills and Specifications

The skills needed for the individual to work as a fashion sales assistant:

  • Organisational and planning skills to properly assist in the projects.
  • Great communication skills and written skills.
  • Good knowledge of the field of sales and excellent interpersonal abilities.
  • Ability to make presentations as required by the seniors.
  • Management skills so as to manage all the tasks with efficiency.
  • Up- dated with all the latest trends and the fashions in the industry.

Fashion Sales Assistant Education and Qualification

The education or other qualifications which can help one get employment as a fashions sales assistant are:

  • People who hold a diploma or a certificate in the fashion or fashion sales related discipline can find entry level positions as fashion sales assistant.
  • Individuals who wish to find employment as fashion sales assistant can also opt for bachelor’s degrees in the fashion related disciplines from accredited colleges or institutions.

Fashion Sales Assistant Salary

The average salary earned by the fashion sales assistant varies anywhere in between $ 20,500 per annum and $ 37,600 per annum. The salary will vary depending mostly upon the size of the organisation, the location of the job and the responsibility entailed in the job title.

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