Fashion Sales Consultant Job Description

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Fashion Sales Consultant Job Profile and Description

The basic aim of the individual appointed as the fashion sales consultant is to promote and help increase the sales of the fashion products of the respective fashion business or fashion house.

The fashion sales consultants are the point of contact for the customers of the business i.e. customers contact the consultants to get advice on the fashion products that will be most suitable for them. The need for fashion consultants has been growing with the increase in the fashion styling inclination of the general population.

Fashion Sales Consultant Duties and Responsibilities

Duties and responsibilities that the fashion sales consultant must live by are:

  • It is the responsibility of the fashion sales consultant to identify the needs of the respective customers he/ she are handling and provide them with appropriate advice.
  • The consultants should also maintain after sales relationships with all the clients and cater to their queries or complaints as and when they need.
  • They have to provide all with the proper and detailed information of the fashion products of the business.
  • It is also the duty of the fashion sales consultant to keep the proper and completed records of the sales made in the firm. He/ she must update the records on the regular basis.
  • He/ she must devise and implement the promotional techniques so as to make sales of the products of the organisation.
  • Help the clients make correct decisions and discover the best solution to their fashion requirements/ problems.

Fashion Sales ConsultantSkills and Specifications

Skills that firms look for in fashion sales consultants are:

  • Keen sense of fashion.
  • Understanding of the fashion products of the business
  • Up to date knowledge of other in the industry
  • Communication skills and well versed with the official language
  • Ability to pursue other and present ideas properly
  • Sense of the market and good managerial abilities.

Fashion Sales Consultant Education and Qualification

Educational qualifications for sales consultant are:

  • The sales consultant may be asked by a few organisations to possess a bachelor’s level degree in fashion or related fields.
  • Instead of a bachelor’s degree the purpose may also be met by the multiple diplomas and certificate courses offered in the discipline.
  • Most firms provide on the job training for this position.

Fashion Sales Consultant Salary

The median salary for fashion sales consultants is stated to be about $46,217 per annum with variations from $34k to $90k per annum.

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