Fashion Stylist Assistant Job Description

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Fashion Stylist Assistant Job Profile and Description

Fashion styling is fast catching trend as most people are increasingly seeking advice of the stylists on how to dress and how to keep up with the latest trends. The fashion stylists and stylist assistants are the individuals who have complete knowledge of current fashion trend and are passionate about how to help others get dressed. These individuals thus help the clients in making right fashion statements and pick correct styles.

Fashion Stylist Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

Duties and responsibilities to be met by the fashion stylish assistant are:

  • The fashion stylist assistant is required to pick out new designs and items that are to be used for displaying.
  • responsible for making arrangements for the promotion of the respective fashion being endorsed by the business/ fashion house.
  • The stylist assistant has to make recommendations and give out advice to the customers when the senior stylist asks him/ her to do so, or in the absence of the former.
  • Fashion stylist assistant may also be asked to come up with new and tempting ideas to promote the business and thus boost the image of the respective organisation.
  • Tonegotiate the prices with the customers to ensure that the business does not suffer at the cost of making clients.

Fashion Stylist Assistant Skills and Specifications

The skills which are associated with fashion stylist assistants are:

  • Have a keen sense of observation with an eye for detailing.
  • Exceptional creativity and modernistic styling ability.
  • Must be sensible dresser and have a knack for fashion styling
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Be organised with good planning and managerial skills.
  • Brilliant sense of fashion and a sense of colours
  • A strong ability to make use of visual imagery

Fashion Stylist Assistant Education and Qualification

The educational or other qualifications associated with the fashion stylist assistant positions are:

  • Fashion stylists do not essentially need to hold a degree in field of fashion or related discipline. This is more of a creative field and hence the organisations hire people with a heart for fashion styling.
  • Still some firms may want the individual who hold a bachelor’s degree in some related field.
  • There is hardly any experience requirements for the assistant stylist positions.

Fashion Stylist Assistant Salary

The average median salary of a fashion stylist assistant is somewhere around $29,000 to $42,700 per annum. The salary may vary depending upon the skills and experience of the candidate.

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