Finance Account Executive Job Description

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Finance Account Executive Job Profile and Description

A Finance Account Executive works in a company’s management team and reports to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company. He or she is in charge of all the financial dealings in the company and helps the top management to take important decisions related to financial compliance and adhering to rules laid down by the government for financial accounting of companies. The Finance Account Executive also does the work of accounting and reporting. The allocation of financial resources and budgeting is also the duty of the Finance Account Executive.

Finance Account Executive Duties and Responsibilities

Some of the major Duties and Responsibilities of Finance Account Executive includes the following:

  • Total management of the financial system in the company.
  • Ensure error free maintenance of accounts. This includes keeping the books of accounts up to date and preparing the Balance Sheet of the company.
  • Ensure that all finance related compliance is carried out.
  • Give a report to the senior management about the financial standing of the company.
  • Help the top management to take important decisions related to budgeting and allocation by taking expense approvals.
  • Oversee tax reporting activities.

Finance Account Executive Skills and Specifications       

The skills and specifications of a Finance Account Executive include the following

  • Excellent interpersonal skills is required for this profession as a Finance Account Executive has to communicate with all people inside and outside the company with regard to the sharing of financial reports.
  • The position demands problem solving skills as he or she may have to deal with cash flows on a continuous basis and at a reasonably lower cost.
  • He or she should be able to prioritize work as per its importance and execute them in coordination with the senior management as per the company’s schedules.
  • Organizational skills.
  • A Finance Account Executive should be a leader and have skills to motivate others to achieve the targets and deadlines.
  • Be able to work under pressure and tight schedules.
  • Be able to deal with multiple challenges.

Finance Account Executive Education and Qualification

The educational qualification of a Finance Account Executive is:

  • At least a bachelor’s degree in a business related faculty.
  • Preferably a certified public accountant (CPA)
  • Master of Business Administration degree will be an added advantage.
  • An experience of about 2 to 3 years as accountant or assistant accountant.

Social Media Account Manager Salary

The average salary of Finance Account Executive is US $ 85,000 to US $ 1,51,000 and differs as per the payscale policies of different companies.

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