Financial Business Analyst Job Description

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Financial Business Analyst Job Profile and Description

A financial business analyst is the individual who is hired to conduct the analysis of the financial state of the business. These positions are found in all organisation types and are critical to the financial well being of the respective organization. They must cater to the organisation by participating in any or all of the finance related operations, as required by the organisation.

Financial Business Analyst Duties and Responsibilities

Stated here are the responsibilities and the duties that the financial business analyst is expected to fulfil:

  • The most basic responsibility of the financial business analyst is to evaluate all the financial reports of the respective organisation like the cash flow statement, balance sheets, income/ profit and loss statements etc.
  • The financial business analyst is responsible for conducting data analysis of the various financial operations, personnel/ employees involved and the investors etc.
  • Based on these analyses the financial business analyst must provide adequate and appropriate suggestions, inferences and interpretations so as to benefit the organisation.
  • He/ she has to keep updated and with the trends and the financial information in the market/ sector.
  • It is also the duty of this individual to access control over all the financial data and information to ensure it is safe and secure.

Financial Business Analyst Skills and Specifications

Stated here is a list of skills and other specifications which are required in a financial business analyst:

  • Be good with numbers is one of the primary skill requirement.
  • Good observation ability and impeccable analytical skills are also needed.
  • Well versed with all the tools used in financial analysis.
  • Command over the financial language i.e. the different financial statements, ledgers and records.
  • Ability to work in a team.
  • Quick to think and take decisive actions.

Financial Business Analyst Education and Qualification

Stated below are the educational and other qualification requirements that a financial business analyst must fulfil:

  • The individual must have completed a bachelor’s degree in fields of finance, business or accounts.
  • Some firms may also require the individual to have completed a master’s degree in the above mentioned fields.
  • The basic work requirement for most firms would be a minimum experience of 1 year as a financial analyst.

Financial Business Analyst Salary

The average salary a financial business analyst makes is about $47,237 with the class ranging from $39000 to $84000. These variations are experie

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