Fire Alarm Technician Job Description

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A Fire alarm technician is a person who protects people from the threat of a fire and makes sure that fire alarm systems are up to date and properly working in homes, offices etc. Any person who is working as a fire alarm technician is responsible for a number of duties including installing, designing, repairing and maintaining fire alarm systems within a house or any other building or area. To become a fire alarm technician, one needs to have certain skills and specific education requirement. The following is a complete fire alarm technician job description.

Fire alarm Technician Duties and Responsibilities

A fire alarm technician generally performs the following given duties and responsibilities:

  • A fire alarm technician views the various electrical layouts that are given on the builder’s blueprint in order to check and ensure compliance to fire and electric codes.
  • He/she is responsible for installation and repair or various types of fire alarm systems in homes, offices and other compounds.
  • Replacing of defective fire alarm systems is another duty of a fire alarm technician.
  • A fire alarm technician must also take service request calls and collect payment from the customer or client.

Fire alarm Technician Skills and Specifications

There are many skills needed to be a good fire alarm technician. The following are some of the important skills:

  • A Fire alarm technician must have exceptional knowledge about the installation and design of a fire alarm system.
  • Any person working as a fire alarm technician should be very dedicated, diligent and should be observant.
  • He/she should be hardworking, capable of making interpretations by reading given data and must have complete knowledge about the fire safety and electrical codes etc.
  • Another skill which a fire alarm technician needs to possess is good written and verbal communication skills.

 Fire alarm Technician Education and Qualification

The education and qualification requirements for a Fire alarm technician are provided below:

  • A person who wishes to be a fire alarm technician must first complete high school education from an accredited school.
  • Then taking up an associate degree in fire alarm systems can prove to be the right direction.
  • After this, graduates have to sit for a written certification exam to obtain the Certified Fire Alarm Technician (CFAT).

Fire alarm Technician Salary

A fire alarm technician is most likely to earn an annual median income of $41030 on an average depending upon his/her skills and experience.

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