Food Service Manager Job Description

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Food Service Manager Job Profile and Description

The job profile of a food service manager comprises of activities and tasks that offer services to clients and customers of the particular food organization. A food service manager may be associated with any cafeteria or food joint, any stand-alone hotel or restaurant, or some food center in hospitals, schools, and colleges and other institutes.

The job of the manager, quite understandably, would be to oversee the proper execution of related activities – such as, maintaining proper standards of food preparation and serving customers, managing rations and raw materials, ensuring health and sanitation in the adjoining premises, following State regulations in areas of conducting food service business.

The food service manager thus acts as a bridge that connects the food preparation section to the serving area and clients, by providing not just proper and tasty food but also managing related services, and ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Food Service Manager Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of the food service manager include:

  • The food service manager needs to look into the details of food preparation before they are served to clients and customers.
  • The food containers and other utensils used for food preparation need to be cleaned properly and the service manager needs to ensure such standards and maintain the levels of cleanliness as specified by the government.
  • A food service manager needs to review market trends as well as analyze customer demands and develop strategies accordingly. The manager needs to identify the strong as well as weak quarters effectively.
  • It is a major responsibility of the food service manager to pertain to rules and regulations as specified by the State – health specifications, sanitation standards, nutrition levels and quality regulations, specifications regarding environment and settings, fire and safety regulations, etc.
  • Not just clients, the food service manager also needs to handle his employees carefully and look into their benefits as well.
  • The food service manager needs to space out events and menus according to occasions and pass out all information related to the plans beforehand, so that nothing is left unorganized.
  • All financial issues need to be handled by the food service manager as well. The individual needs to be a part of all economic plans and strategies decided upon for earning greater profits.

Food Service Manager Skills and Specifications

  • Managerial abilities are compulsory.
  • Communication skills are necessary.
  • Food services and related technicalities need to be well known to the manager.
  • Leadership traits are required.
  • Knowledge of State regulations prevalent in the respective field is necessary.
  • The food service manager must be skilled enough to come up with creative strategies and innovations in the required field.

Food Service Manager Education and Qualification

  • A minimum education is required – high school diploma is essential.
  • College training or graduation is optional.
  • Most restaurants and other organizations where individuals are employed as food service managers require candidates to have formal training that would provide them with required practical experience.
  • Standard and authentic licensure need to be provided at many organizations for the position of a food service manager.

Food Service Manager Salary

The average annual salary of a food service manager lies in the range of $52,000 – $70,000.

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