Fund Accountant Job Description

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Fund Accountant Job Profile and Description

A fund accountant is an individual who is responsible handling specific accounts that are related to funds of a particular organization. The fund accountant help the administrators to take accurate financial decisions in regards to the organization. A fund accountant may have to manage multiple accounts of the organization.

It is the fund accountant who has to identify the source from which the funds have originated and the process in which the funds have been used. They have to check whether the funds have been used accurately and document their findings. They may also advise the account holders about the processes in which current funds can be used.

Fund Accountant Duties and Responsibilities

There are various duties and responsibilities required to be carried out by a fund accountant. They are as follows:

  • Identifying the source from which funds have originated and also the process in which the funds can be used
  • Sorting and analyzing whether the funds have been utilized accurately and making a report of the analysis
  • Helping and advising account holders about using current funds
  • Estimating the value of current assets and the effects of possessing or selling off those assets
  • Ensuring that the goals of the organization are met efficiently with use of funds.
  • Determining the cash flow
  • Keeping a track of the fund transfer procedures
  • Preparing timely and accurate reports determining net value of assets, distributions and other fund accounting output
  • Identifying the problems that can affect accounting records and prices and finding solutions to those problems
  • Assisting in preparing audit schedules and compliance reports
  • Preparing tax returns, compliance reports and financial statements

Fund Accountant Skills and Specifications

There are certain skills and specifications required to be possessed by a fund accountant which are as follows:

  • Must have good analytical skills
  • Needs to possess organizational skills
  • Must have the ability to work under pressure
  • Needs to have basic knowledge in computer
  • Should be able to do multitasking
  • Must be good with numbers.

Fund Accountant Education and Qualification

The educational qualifications required for a fund accountant are as follows:

  • Bachelors degree in accounting
  • Masters degree in accounting is an advantage
  • Internship in finance or training in fund accounting

Fund Accountant Salary

The average annual salary of a fund accountant is around $57,000.

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