Fundraising Consultant Job Description

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Fundraising Consultant Job Profile and Description

A fundraising consultant is an independent contractor engaged by a non-profit organization to develop and implement a strategy for raising capital. Typically, reporting directly to the executive director and/or board of directors, the consultant may be responsible for raising funds or any variety of purposes, such as for the operating a budget, a budget deficit or a specific program. A fundraising consultant works on a project by project basis.

Fundraising Consultant Duties and Responsibilities

The Fundraising consultant meets with the executive director of an organization to outline fundraising goals, timeline, and so forth.

Based on these criteria, the consultant researches potential sources of funding, including grants, past contributors, new donors, corporate contributors and foundations.

A short and long term fundraising plan of action is created and presented to the executive director and the board for approval.

Once approved, if the nonprofit’s staff is not sufficient, the consultant may also recruit, train and manage paid staff and volunteers to implement the plan.

Other aspects of the consultant’s job include creating all promotional materials and liaising with members of the external community.

Fundraising Consultant Skills and Specifications

To be a successful as a fundraising consultant, a candidate must be a strong salesperson, possessing the ability to negotiate, build and maintain relations and inspire others.

He or she must also have a keen understanding of variety of fundraising techniques including, committed giving, direct marketing and corporate giving.

Exceptional problem solving and decision making skills are imperative, as is the ability to think analytically.

A candidate must be an excellent oral and written communicator.

Additionally, he/she must be able to manage a budget.

Fundraising Consultant Education and Qualification

Any specific degree is not mandatory to obtain a job as a fundraising consultant. A professional track record in the raising of funds for an organization is required from the suitable candidate.

Individuals with a bachelor’s degree or a diploma in business, arts, administration, marketing, or communication can apply.

A post graduate degree or diploma will surely prove to be an added advantage.

A previous fundraising experience helps. Proven experience in budgeting and managing money and strong organizational skills.

Fundraising Consultant Salary

As of September 2009, the average fundraising consultant employed in the United States of America earned an annual salary of $41,000 .However it is expected to grow by 13 percent through 2016.

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