Gardener Job Description

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Gardener Job Profile and Description

A gardener tends to the plants and is responsible for their maintenance and beauty. He may take care of private gardens, lawns or a park in cemetery, zoos, office complexes, roads etc. Some gardeners work for government bodies, business organisations, landscaping services and private estates etc, while others work part-time or on a contract basis.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A gardener’s duties depend on the season, as his tasks would change accordingly
  • He has to make sure that the soil he is working with is of the right quality and in good condition
  • After that, he selects the right seeds of flowers which are ideal for the conditions and plants them
  • He also has to trim shrubs and trees, water, feed, transplant and remove weeds
  • He must know which fertilizer and chemicals to use in order the keep the plants healthy and provide nourishment
  • Some of them need to lay down mulch, wood chips, moss and other soil moisturizers depending on the plants
  • A gardener may also have to cut and water the lawns, remove dead leaves, snow and paint the fence

Skills and Specifications

  • A gardener must have good health and should enjoy physical and outdoor labour
  • He should have the ability to work for long hours alone or with a team of gardeners, depending on the size of the property
  • In gardening there are flexible and irregular hours and so gardeners must be open to working early mornings or during holidays

Education and Qualifications

Gardeners do not require any educational degrees and rather they learn the skills on the job. However, they do require knowledge of the plants and must have an artistic mind in order to know which plants are ideal for which conditions and how pretty they would look. Some institutes provide vocational courses in this field.

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