Genetic Counselor Job Description

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Genetic Counselor Job Profile and Description

A genetic counselor has to carry out the responsibility of working with the patients in order to understand their family history. They also have to work with childless couples in order to understand the risk of certain genetic disorders. It is the duty of genetic counselor to evaluate the family history of patients and their history from genetic point of view.

It is necessary for a genetic counselor to have patience as they have to record in detail the medical history of the patients and dedicate ample time in evaluating data. They also advise the patients about the risk of certain disease.

Genetic Counselor Duties and Responsibilities

The various duties and responsibilities required to be carried out by a genetic counselor are as follows:

  • Analyzing genetic information in order to indentify whether a certain patient or his family is suffering from any disorder
  • Providing genetic counseling in field of clinical genetics that include pediatrics, neurology, obstetrics and oncology
  • Assessing psychological or emotional needs of the patient  in regards to stress, financial issues and marital conflicts
  • Determining and coordinating plans of treatment by reviewing genetics and taking diagnostic data into account
  • If required referring patients to specialists or community resources
  • Providing information on complex genetic concepts by writing detailed consultation reports to patients
  • Designing and conducting training programs in genetics for physicians, individuals related to health professions and graduate students
  • Collecting patient data related to certain genetic disorder for research projects
  • Engaging in activities related to research in the field of medical genetics
  • Evaluating standards of care and clinical operations and at the same time ensuring compliance
  • Recording the medical history of the patients
  • Determining genetic risk from which a patient may be suffering

Genetic Counselor Skills and Specifications

In order to become a genetic counselor, an individual needs to possess various skills and specifications. They are follows:

  • Needs to have good research skills
  • Should be excellent at making analysis
  • It is necessary to have good communication skills
  • Must have good listening skills

Genetic Counselor Education and Qualification

The educational qualifications required in order to become a genetic counselor are:

  • Bachelors degree in human genetics
  • Masters degree in human genetics or genetic counseling

Genetic Counselor Salary

The average annual salary of a genetic counselor is around $58000 which may also vary depending on factors like job profile, experience of the candidate and others.

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