Geothermal Engineer Job Description

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Geothermal Engineer Job Profile and Description

Geothermal energy is a form of thermal energy, one that is generated and stored within the earth. This energy has been in usesince ancient times,but the technological advancements today are being used to increase our capacity and ability to use this form of energy.

The geothermal engineers are the individuals who facilitate the extraction/ harnessing and use of geothermal heat and power. Formally the geothermal engineers work on the equipment (creating and modifying) and processes which are used to extract this thermal energy. They may be employed in varieties of agencies like ones that are directly involved in the extraction processes, academic agencies involved in researching or with agencies involved in the maintenance of the plants etc.

Geothermal Engineer Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of the geothermal engineer include the following:

  • It is required of the geothermal engineer to provide the technical knowledge they poses in supporting the development and implementation of the projects.
  • is also required to direct and supervise the technical consultants and do all the needed verification of the technical reports.
  • It is the responsibility of the engineer to screen for, evaluate, verify and identify the plausible work sites.
  • Besides identifying the sites, he/she must also work on the concept, design and model of the project.
  • The geothermal engineer is responsible for managing the input of the project and keeping the data up to date in the system.

Geothermal Engineer Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications for the geothermal engineer include the following:

  • The individual must have the leadership quality so that he/ she can take charge when needed and direct others properly so that everything goes on smoothly.
  • The geothermal engineer must be a team player with a keen sense of observation.
  • Hardworking abilities and technical skills are also needed.

Geothermal Engineer Education and Qualification

The education and qualification requirements for the geothermal engineer include the following:

  • There is not distinct geothermal field of study in the undergraduate level. Thus the individuals who possess a degree in engineering or sciences qualify to entry level positions in geothermal energy industry.
  • The preferable fields of study for this industry are renewable energy, electrical engineering and civil engineering etc.
  • For higher positions the individual will be required to possess master’s level degree or Ph.D.

Geothermal Engineer Salary

The salary for geothermal engineers varies anywhere between $50,000 and $98,000 depending upon the segment of employment.

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