Graduate Teaching Assistant Job Description

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Graduate Teaching Assistant Job Profile and Description

Upon graduation from college, it is not uncommon to find students proceeding to work in the university as a college teacher while pursuing a post graduate education. But many become Graduate Teaching Assistants which offers a better alternative since you can’t become one unless you’re enrolled in a graduate masteral course.  Graduate Teaching Assistants provide academic and logistical support to graduate professors, performing teaching and non=teaching tasks.  They are often found assisting professor in field or lab research work, depending on the subject as well as conduct classes in lower undergraduate classed as a substitute teacher or in grading students thesis and test papers.

Graduate Teaching Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

  • Observe work hours as assigned by the professor and the college timekeeping rules and regulations.
  • Perform tasks as may be assigned by the professor relevant to teaching and non-teaching work as agreed.
  • Assist the professor as a substitute teacher in undergraduate courses
  • Assist the professor in laboratory or field research or in assignments related to the furtherance of the course requirements.
  • Assist the professor in paperwork such as grading student thesis, term papers and exams.
  • Review journals and textbooks that have the potential to be part of the curriculum’s reading requirements.

Graduate Teaching Assistant Skills and Specifications

  • Must have excellent communications in both oral and written media.
  • Must have excellent organizational, analytical and reasoning skills.

Graduate Teaching Assistant Education and Qualifications

  • A BS degree in the relevant course is basic


Graduate Teaching Assistant Salary

The annual median salary of a Graduate Teaching Assistant in 2009 stood at $31,600 with the middle 50% receiving from $22,700 to $41,000.  The bottom 20% earned about $16,600 while the top 10% got $50,300.  This salary varies between graduate schools and between states.

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