Graphic Design Consultant Job Description

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Graphic Design Consultant Job Profile and Description

A graphic design consultant is an individual professionally responsible for providing consultation in the designing of various drafts and models, blueprints of projects to be run, or certain graphical interfaces. The design of graphics packages and/or graphics sketches that conform to the standards of the package and ensure effective execution is generally the responsibility of a graphics design consultant and his team of staff. A consultant in this field, hence, needs to acquire necessary education and practical experience at the job front to provide efficient suggestions and consultancy services in designing graphics and implementing them properly.

Graphic Design Consultant Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a graphics design consultant include:

To create illustrated layouts of graphics design and drawings that can help serve as model for generating several effective graphics design blueprints.

A graphics design consultant primarily needs to investigate and understand client requirements as far as the graphics design is concerned. All graphics design plans to be developed must relate to the basic plan that the client suggests, as otherwise the design would prove futile.

It is also the responsibility of the design consultant to educate his clients and customers with the basic technicalities of graphics designing, such that there is scope for innovation and creativity as well as development of the design to standards much higher than initially expected.

The consultant is responsible for managing an effective group of graphics designers who can easily understand the professional jargons and take up the idea and start working on the design within the shortest possible time, and also do so efficiently.

A graphics design consultant must make proper use of his computational abilities to develop newer software that help create better and more advanced graphics designs; regular survey and research work is essential on the part of the consultant.

Graphic Design Consultant Skills and Specification

Creativity and innovation in designing graphics

Computation skills

Knowledge of technicalities and practical ideas regarding effective application based on specific requirements

Communication skills

Graphic Design Consultant Education and Qualification

A bachelor’s degree, generally a 4-years’ course, in Graphics designing or related fields in the minimum qualification required of any applicant.

An associate’s degree of 2 or 3 years in related field is often required.

Training and registered course completion in the required field(s) is necessary

Certificates of participation and on-the-job experience is also required

Graphic Design Consultant Salary

The average annual salary of a graphics design consultant lies in the range of $45,000 – $74,000, with better experienced and skilled consultants earning more than average.

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