Guitar Teacher Job Description

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Any person who knows how to play the guitar and also teaches students how to play this musical instrument is called a guitar teacher. A guitar teacher is responsible for teaching the basics of playing guitar and also how to make tunes, adjust settings and maintain the guitar.

Guitar teachers may either work independently or may take up jobs at musical institutes or other kinds of educational institute’s etc. The following is a detailed Guitar teacher job description:

Guitar Teacher Duties and Responsibilities

Given below is a list of the major job duties and responsibilities which a guitar teacher needs to fulfil:

  • A guitar teacher is responsible for imparting guitar lessons to his/her pupils and teaching them about the various parts of the guitar.
  • Teaching how to play chords and make own tunes is also a major duty or responsibility of a guitar teacher.
  • It is the duty of a guitar teacher to solve the doubts of the students and also help the slow students in learning properly.
  • Preparing lessons plans and proper guitar schedules etc. is also an important responsibility of anyone who is working as a guitar teacher.
  • A guitar teacher must also conduct tests, playing sessions etc. to boost the skills of the students.
  • Another duty which a guitar teacher must perform is to collect payments from the students.

Guitar Teacher Skills and Specifications

The following are the various important skills and specifications which a guitar teacher needs to possess:

  • A guitar teacher must be well trained in playing the guitar and must have good knowledge about different types of guitars.
  • He/she must have good communication skills and a good sense and taste of music.
  • A guitar needs must be encouraging and should be able to motivate students to play well.
  • A guitar teacher must be good at teaching and must be patient in nature.

Guitar Teacher Education and Qualification

The education and qualification requirements for a Guitar Teacher are given below:

  • There are no compulsory education requirements for a guitar teacher but he/she must have exceptional training of playing guitar
  • Associate degree in music or guitar can be considered as the right step at becoming a certified guitar teacher.
  • One can pursue courses in guitar playing from music institutes or guitar coaching centres etc.

Guitar Teacher Salary

Any person working as a guitar teacher can expect to earn an average annual income of $60000 but this figure vary depending upon place of employment and skills of the candidate.

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