Health and Safety Adviser Job Description

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Health and Safety Adviser Job Profile and Description

Health and safety adviser are appointed by various health organizations or non government organizations for sharing their knowledge and expert advice with the main objective of promoting better health and hygiene awareness to a targeted class of the society. Offering special advice to those who could be at risk of health problems in their occupational areas is also another important task.

They also play a big role in conceptualizing, planning and implement the various health related practices and policies in line with the existing rules and regulations prevalent in the respective states. They need to ensure minimization of accidents at workplaces by strictly adhering to such polices and practices.

Health and Safety Adviser Duties and Responsibilities

The major duties and responsibilities of a health and safety adviser are as follows:

  • Setting up health, hygiene and safety standards in organizations and making changes to them as and when necessary.
  • Coming out internal policy documents for organizations with regard to health and hygiene standards.
  • Regularly performing risk assessment tests in the workplace with the objective of reducing or removing workplace risk altogether.
  • Regular visits to sites and inspecting the implementation of the policies and practices at the ground level.
  • Periodically reporting the progress or otherwise of such practices to the management.
  • Reporting to the local authorities regarding the adherence to such polices and practices as laid down by the respective state authorities.

Health and Safety Adviser Skills and Specifications

  • Must be fully aware of the various practices and policies that are followed in various organizations and across industries.
  • Fully conversant with the latest guidelines and statutory requirements that are set in motion by the respective state authorities.
  • Strong communication skills both written and verbal to enable proper explanation of such practices and policies to the people on the ground.
  • Must have the skill to foresee dangers and risks at the workplace and take steps to preempt any untoward situations.
  • Have a flair for reporting the adherence to such practices, both to the senior management and also to the statutory authorities.

Health and Safety Adviser Education and Qualifications

  • A degree from any field is a must.
  • Must have a certificate course from a good institute or college covering the various subjects related to workplace health, hygiene, safety and security.

Health and Safety Adviser Salary

The average mean salary for an experienced Health And Safety Adviser is around $ 95,000 per annum.

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