Health Care Assistant Job Description

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Health Care Assistant Job Profile and Description

A Health Care Assistant’s job is to carry out duties and tasks assigned by the practice nurse team leader or any suitably qualified professional. Health care assistants work under supervision of the practice nurse team leader indirectly. Most health care assistants work cooperatively with the general practice health care team to satisfy the requirements of patients, following procedures and policies while supervising the junior staff. A health care assistant main duty is to support GPs, Practice Nurses, and other health care team members in their works.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Undertaking agreed procedures like glucose tolerance, height, weight, urinalysis, venipuncture, blood pressure checks, body mass index, and new patient health check-ups.
  • Assisting other health care professional in minor surgery and also supporting anxious and distressed patients.
  • Participating in programs for the management control of long-standing conditions like coronary heart disease, basic annual diabetic, asthma, and other relevant clinics.
  • Working within all applicable practice procedural guidelines and policies like infection control, chaperoning.
  • Assisting in special and seasonal projects as requested, for example, Flu campaign.
  • Encouraging and supporting families, individuals and groups to address issues that affect their social and health well-being.
  • Working cooperatively as part of a team to achieve the goals and objectives of the health care services and targets of team.
  • Developing and maintaining the health promotion material inside the practice.
  • Contributing to develop, monitor, and evaluate the care delivered by the health care team.
  • Making recommendations to raise the standards of service and practice delivery.
  • Actively participating in practice and clinical meetings.
  • Developing own practice and knowledge to meet changes and objectives in service.
  • Contributing to an acceptable system of recall and call of patients.
  • Maintaining and ordering drugs, clinical supplies and instruments.
  • Making effective use of IT system to ensure the accurate and consistent entering of data of patients.
  • Ensuring to collect and maintain statistical information needed for ad hoc and regular reports.
  • Making effective utilization of training to update skills and knowledge.
  • Promoting effective relationships and communication within the health care team.

Skills and Specifications

  • Enthusiastic to develop special clinical skills and competency applicable to the role.
  • Effective intellectual and practical skills.
  • Willingness to undertake training or education for service and practice needs.
  • Should be able to communicate regular information using persuasive and tact skills.
  • Able to make informed judgments.
  • Able to value other team members’ opinions.
  • Good planning and organizational skills.
  • Ability to undertake stock control.
  • Strong commitment to team work.
  • Able to work within policies and procedures.
  • High mental and emotional effort.
  • Able to use resources more effectively.

Education and Qualifications

  • General education
  • Certificate in Health Care Assistant course.
  • Interest in Health Care.

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