Hostess Job Description

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Hostess Job Profile and Description

A hostess supervises and coordinates the operations within a dining room of a restaurant. The hostess position is very vital to any restaurant but is often overlooked due to the roles played by other members of staff in the restaurant. Better restaurants recognize the importance of the position and remunerate it highly as a core position in the restaurant.  A hostess ensures that the meals and beverages provided in a restaurant are served in the most welcoming manner.

Duties and Responsibilities

Hostess job duties entail:

  • Making sure that all menus are well wiped, are free of stains or spots and are complete.
  • Ensuring that entry doors are hygienic free from debris and welcoming.
  • Checking call reservations and answering messages to ensure that all reservations are catered for.
  • Checking with the manager to familiarize with any private parties to be held at the restaurant.
  • Checking the kitchen to ensure that everything is in place.
  • Keeping an eye on the dining room, bathrooms, entryway, and ensuring that cleanliness is maintained in all operations.
  • Greeting guests politely and escorting them to their respective tables, pulling seats for them and ensuring that they are comfortable.
  • Making sure the guests are seated and well served.
  • Saying goodbye to guests and enquiring from them about the quality of services provided at the restaurant. This also involves checking with the guests to record any problem experienced.
  • In some establishments the hostess acts as the cashier, ensuring that all cash is accounted for.

Skills and Specifications

Hostess job skills include the following:

  • A passion for working with guests as well as other staff.
  • High level of personal hygiene.
  • Able to work under pressure.
  • Excellent organizational and management skills.
  • Excellent public speaking skills.

Education and Qualification

Diploma or related qualification in business, bookkeeping, arithmetic, consumer science, or public speaking

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